rbiBizTriggers was a spectacular enterprise carried out by Reed Business Information in the UK, and Irion around 2007. The idea was to harvest as much information from the internet as possible about envisaged and running building and construction projects in the UK, analyse the information linguistically, store the results in a structured way in a database, and create a linguistic index for it, so that professionals in the field, such as plumbers, roofers, tilers, bricklayers, etc. could easily, cheaply, and in their own phrasing, find relevant building and construction projects that matched their personal skills and needs. The existing databases that could cope with ours were thus-far maintained manually, and only the big construction companies could afford a subscription. When the system was finished, it harvested information of about 35.000 projects in three UK counties, in just one day, and with only one server! Unfortunately the enterprise was ‘frozen’ in the big reorganisation by the end of 2008.