With a literal sea of information at our disposal, Irion’s answer to the frustration of internet users who are unable to find what they’re looking for comes in the form of an intelligent, natural language-based, self-regulating dialogue system. Dialogue is a fast, accurate and, especially, friendly way to disclose information via intra- or Internet.

Providing users with the answers they want, Dialogue is particularly helpful in service and consumer-oriented environments. To learn more click above.



Dialogue is meant for organisations who use the internet as an important way to communicate and help with their customers, and is particularly helpful with consumer-oriented organisations. The dialogue system offers organisations a professional, “self-help” solution, which saves valuable time as well as money. Additionally, customer satisfaction and loyalty are greatly increased when users are led quickly and accurately to pertinent information.


It’s simple: first, the user enters a question, words, or even a story into the dialogue window they find on your website. If the Dialogue manager has enough information it will refer them immediately to the relevant documents, and double-check that these are correct. If not, the system asks the user counter questions in a friendly way. Irion offers a basic interface with the dialogue system but eventually if desired you can add your own virtual agent or service worker who has the type of personality you’d like your public to see your company with.


Fast, accurate extraction of knowledge out of your databases Do more with the knowledge within your organisation!
Chances are the collective knowledge within your organisation is enormous. Dialogue creates the opportunity to store this knowledge in one place where it can easily be found again by the system’s digital agents.
Natural language technology Immediately increase user satisfaction with results!
The only way for a two-way dialogue to take place is if both parties speak the same language! The addition of linguistics gives you better search results by smart handling of typos, language errors, and omissions plus offers synonyms and grammatical analysis of text to strongly increase the likelihood that the right results are reached. That means more satisfied users and higher customer retention!
Multi-lingual Increase your information range and clientele!
Increase revenue by reaching users who speak other languages. Dialogue currently works with six languages – Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish – to give you a broader access to a diverse client base!
Interactive dialogue technology Increase the bond with your users!
Direct interaction with your website visitors means a better connection with your customers, more customer loyalty, and more long-term customer relations. In fact, it’s been shown that on average visitors stay on your site longer when a dialogue system is present! Users trust the dialogue system because they are led to the answers they’re looking for without having to “outwit” the system.
Conversation style and language use can be custom-adapted to your organisation and target group, not only making the system more human but also exactly the type of human whom you want to interact with your market.
Intelligent and self learning Drastically reduce maintenance costs!
The more people who have had a dialogue on your website, the better the results will be – without you having to do a thing. Every time a user finishes a query and reports their answer satisfaction, the system is then trained with their query. This way you can skip the maintenance of a complicated FAQ database, and even the time it takes to help customers by phone or e-mail!
Always available Stay in contact with your target group!
Unlike many call centers, the dialogue system is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week – with no queue or added cost. Reduce frustrating calls to your help desk and continue helping users outside business hours at virtually no cost!
Multi-user functionality No more phone queues!
Set up as a multi-user server, Dialogue is indefatigable and can handle many conversations at the same time.
Storing of interaction Recognise trends and wishes of the user!
Research shows that the average user reveals far more about him or herself during an online dialogue session than in any search environment. Dialogue takes advantage of this statistic by storing information from its interactive dialogue with the user, so you have valuable market data at your fingertips.
Open architecture and full scalability Create a functional, custom program within a few days!
With its popular open architecture, Dialogue is easy to integrate with almost any existing information structure. Plus, it can be created quickly and relatively simply, to minimise expensive implementation trajectories.