Self-learning chatbots

The best answer to a question is often a question!

With this principle is meant, that finding the right answer to a question depends less on the quality of search technology than on the quality of the question. People are inclined to take their own context for granted, and tend to forget that the person who has to answer misses a lot of information to adequately answer the question. That is why most answers require an interrogation of the person asking the question. Irion’s intelligent chatbots make use of the logic of conversation, and thus have a far better performance than chatbots, who try to answer questions without interrogation.

Another advantage of an Irion chatbot is the price of the project to create the solution. By making extensive use of language technology and reasoning, the learning curve for Irion’s chatbots is significantly shorter, and maintenance time is significantly less than with most of the regular chatbots.