Semantic Web

Irion supports and promotes the use of The Semantic Web, as a collaborative movement initiated by W3C and coined by Tim Berners-Lee. When building solutions for customers, Irion promotes the use of linked data and semantic web protocols and standards, such as XML, OWL and RDF.


The clear answer is that the next generation of the World Wide Web will not just be a large repository of more or less structured documents and pages, but rather a web of semantic data, structured in such a way, that it respects the integrity of implicit data structures of local data, and – at the same time – allows for a gradual standardisation without the immediate need to predefine data structures such as done for decades in databases. Standardisation does not take place on the level of the structure itself, but on the level of the semantic properties of the data.

All Irion technology and products are Semantic Web and Linked Open Data compliant, which means that, whenever needed and appropriate, semantic solutions for customers can be implemented.